The New Orleans Saints are helped out with increased salary cap.

127534_jumbo_shotThe NFL will reportedly raise the salary cap to about $130 million in 2014. This is very big news for the Saints since their salary cap total is sky high. With this raise in salary cap the Saints will be about $4.6 million under the cap.  So like i said this news is amazing.

To be able to afford Jimmy Grahams franchise tag price the Saints will need to trim the salary cap at least another $10 million. It is still possible the Saints could release current veterans like defensive tackle Brodrick Brunkley, cornerback Patrick Robinson, receiver Lance Moore and running back Pierre Thomas. Those four players combined could free up about $12.6 million in cap space.

The Saints made their biggest cuts last week in Roman Harper, Will Smith, and Jabari Greer. Those three combined will account for $8.7 million in “dead money” against this years salary cap due to their signing bonuses which hasn’t been charged yet.

The salary cap is expected to rise even more in 2015 and with those three off the books the Saints may be able to stay somewhat active in free agency this year.

The Saints front office has been working hard this off season with all the decisions they have been making, but these difficult decisions are not over yet. Saints fans just have to hope that all these decisions pay off in the long run.  All and all he did take a risk on Drew Brees back in 06 and draft Jimmy Graham in the 3rd round in 2010. As Saints fans would say “In Loomis We Trust.”


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