New Orleans Saints don’t pick up Mark Ingram’s fifth year option

IngramThe New Orleans Saints didn’t pick up the fifth year option on Mark Ingram. This isn’t a surprise at all. Ingram hasn’t done anything since stepping on to the scene in 2011. Eventhough he had an outstanding end of last season, it doesn’t make up for his slow start of his career. The fifth year option would cost the Saints $5.21 million. He is defiantly not worth that type of money. The Saints still have Running backs Pierre Thomas Travaris Cadet, and Khiry Robinson. I am very pleased with the way these guys have been playing. Thomas is a proven guy who won a championship in 09 Robinson and Cadet are hard nosed runners who will fight to earn every yard. With that being said not picking up the fifth year option on Ingram is a sign that they have enough confidence in  those guys. Now with that being said, declining the fifth year option doesn’t mean Ingram won’t be a Saint next year. If Ingram preforms well this season, their is still the option the Saints could sign him to a long term contract.

I do agree with the Saints declining the fifth year option. Why give someone $5.21 million when they really haven’t done anything? Hopefully this will light a fire in Ingram and he will perform as well this season as he did last year in the playoffs.If he doesn’t i except Ingram to be given a change of scenery.


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