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Jrue Holiday still not ready to return to action

ImageThe New Orleans Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday is still not ready to hit the court after a stress fracture in his right leg. There is no set timetable when Holiday will be able to suit up and play a game. He has not played a game since January 8th. This marks the second injury setback the Pelicans are facing as power forward Ryan Anderson is also out. He leads the team in scoring just under 20 points a game, but he is also recovering from a herniated disk in his shoulder.

If Holiday ends up missing an extended period of time it will definatly effect the Pelicans playoff hopes. New Orleans is only four games off in the Western Conference playoff race. It will be very hard to remain withing close distance while missing two key pieces.

With that being said, it is unclear exactly how long Holiday will be sidelined, but the Pelicans are hoping when he comes back they will still be in the playoff race.


Anthony Davis shines in Rising Starts challenge.

6724d736_davisPelicans power forward Anthony Davis played great in the rising stars challenge. He finished the game with 16 points, four assists, three steals and two blocks.Also, he had a few flashy dunks. Even though he played great his team Team Webber fell to Team Hill 137-132. Under the new Rising Stars game format two former NBA greats pick from the leagues first and second year players. The NFL has went with this format, in the Pro Bowl. I think this new format is alright, but i kind of liked the old format better. Speaking of new formats, the NBA Slam Dunk competition new format is horrible. 3 players from each conference and go head to head. First conference to win three head to head battles win the dunk contest. So instead of being every man foe himself like it should be, its become more of a team competition. It makes me not want to watch it as long as the keep this format.

Ok, I’m finished ranting about the new formats. Anthony Davis played a heavy amount of minutes, which really surprised me, because he will be playing in the All-Star game as well.  Since the All-Star weekend is in New Orleans, of course Anthony Davis got the most cheers from the stands in the Smoothie King Arena. Yes if you’re wonder the New Orleans Arena has a new sponsor in Smoothie King. Anyway, even though this was an exhibition game just for fun, Davis doing well in games like this can get his career going in the right direction. He was drafted number one overall after winning a national championship at the University of Kentucky. He is the face of the franchise.  I believe soon he will become an NBA MVP type caliber, the sky is the limit for this kid.