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Things that make me mad about sports fans.

bandwagonToday, i am compiling a short list of things that irritate me about sports fans.

3) When fans boo at an injury. I really began to notice this watching the round one playoff game this past season between the Saints and Eagles. The Eagles fans were booing every time a Saints player got injured. After talking to a friend of mine who is an Eagles fan, he said that the fans were booing, because they assumed they  were faking injuries trying to slow down the fast paced offense that Chip Kelly (Eagles Head Coach) runs. On a side note, both Darren Sproles and Malcolm Jenkins are now members of the Philadelphia Eagles.

2) When Fans refer to their teams as “WE” I know so many people do this. I make so many people mad when i call them out on this, probably because they know im right, We won the game, we won the playoffs, we beat them, we’re the champions. When did you start playing professional sports? You’re a fan! You’re watching the game. They’re playing the game.

1) Bandwagon Fans- Bandwagon fans drive me nuts. Bandwagon fans are those fans that root for any team that is doing well. Basically they have no love to one team and will stay with that team through the good and the bad. For example, i have known fans that just like a team, because a certain player went to that team. One of my friends claims he’s a Miami Heat fan, but when i asked him when he became a Heat fan he said, when Lebron James joined the Heat. In my opinion he’s a prime example of a bandwagon fan. To me, he’s a Lebron fan, not a Heat fan.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed my little rant about sports fans. I will probably add more things to this list in the future. If something annoys you about about sports fans hit me up on twitter @tylorlenart and i will post something about it.