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Radio Show!

Everyone needs to check out my radio show Gameday on 98.9 FM WXDR New Orleans and on the world wide web at dolphin It airs every Wednesday from 1-2 pm


Hey everyone

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting these past few weeks. I’ve been very busy with work and catching up with family that i’ve missed during the semester at college. I will continue my weekly posts this week. Stay tuned.


Hey everyone, welcome to my blog. my name is Tylor Lenart. I am a hardcore sports fan and I love the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans. I am dedicating this blog to everything New Orleans Saints and Pelicans. I really hope you will enjoy reading my blog as i bring you news, updates and rants about the Saints and Pelicans. I will be posting at least a couple times a week. Feel free to comment on anything i post. I love hearing and getting feedback.  I also take requests, so if you have a topic that you would like me to discuss please ask. You can contact me via twitter and email. My twitter is @tylorlenart and my email is