Saints graphic 2Top 5 paid Saints and NFL Pr


I decided to do my graphic on the top five paid Saints and the top paid players at their position compared to what the salary of players were in 1981. I only did results for the Saints players through 2016, because they become free agents after the 2016 season.  I have no idea what they will be getting paid in 2017. I thought it was  only fair to  go through 2016 on the top paid players at their position to keep the graphs even. By that i mean so both graphs will be covering the same years. Anyway,  I found the results to be very interesting because its amazing how times have changed. In 1981, the top players were making just under a million dollars. Today, players are making millions of dollars per year. Some people may think players a way overpaid. I think partially this is true, because I notice when some players get the big fat paycheck their performance on the field decreases. I assume their mindset is that oh well i already got paid, I’m just going to cruise through this season and make sure i don’t get hurt. Then again, you know what they say about people when they assume. haha. I really had fun making this project even though i did get a little stressed out at times. Like i said before, i found this topic very fascinating and as you view my graphic I hope you find it fascinating as well.






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