Mike “The Shirsey” Hotard



Mike Hotard is a mass communications broadcast journalism major at Nicholls State University. He started his career at Nicholls in the fall of 2009 after graduating from Destrehan High School. Michael chose Nicholls because his sister went here. Also due to the fact that it is a small school compared to an LSU or an UNO. At Nicholls you’re a name not a number. He could interact with his teachers and students on a one to one level. Also, he felt like Nicholls State would give him the best opportunity to succeed in his field of study.

The Nicholls Worth

Mike Hotard currently works for the Nicholls Worth. He applied for the job over the summer in an effort to get his name out there and to show what he can do. A week later he got a call saying that he was going to be sports editor of the Nicholls Worth. Now this is a huge deal, because not only does he get to write about what he knows best, but he can put it on his resume to help him get a job after he graduates. He writes about an article each week to be published in the school paper which a new issue comes out every Thursday. His last few articles have been lately. He is a very talented writer this is just the beginning for him.



Not only was Mike interested in print he also was interested in radio broadcasting so he got together with a friend of his Gerald Grueing and they formed a sports show called overtime which airs 12-1 Monday through Friday. They would talk about the hottest sports topics. Even though Gerald is now graduated Mike still runs the show. Grueing said “Overtime was very fun and a great opportunity for me.” This past semester his co-host was none other than Courtland Taylor. Courtland Taylor now lives off campus so he is unable to do the show on a regular basis, so Mike had to find someone who could co-host the show daily. He found two in Beaux Hebert the son of former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert and Nick Scelfo. Today Mike Beaux and Nick debate and discuss hot sports topics daily. Recently they have talked about college basketball and the NFL combine. I tune in as much as I can.  You can say that I am a fan. Rico James said “radio broadcasting seems like a a cool job to have.”


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