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New Orleans Saints cap cutting continues.

ImageThe New Orleans Saints have released wide receiver Lance Moore in an effort to get under the salary cap. Moore is the fifth Saints veteran released this off season.

Earlier this off season, the Saints released Jabari Greer, Roman Harper, Will Smith and Johnathan Vilma. It is also rumored than Darren Sproles will be gone too. Eventhough these moves seem surprising, they were also necessary for the Saints to be able to get under the salary cap of $133 million. Recently the Saints have place an non-exclusive franchise tag on Jimmy Graham.The price tag for tight ends is about $7 million. If he files grievance to be tagged as a wide receiver that amount will jump to around $12 million. The Saints are trying to work on a long-term deal with Jimmy Graham which will probably make him the highest paid tight end in the  history of the NFL.

The Saints have also placed a $1.4 million restricted free agent tendor on safety Rafael Bush. The Saints will need to clear more cap room if they want to resign free agents Zach Strief, Malcolm Jenkins, and Brian De la Puente. So with the Saints having so little  cap room they had no choice, but to release veterans to clear more space.

The only Saints that remain under contract from the 2009 super bowl season are Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Pierre Thomas, Thomas Moorestead, Jahari Evans, and  Robert Meachem. Zach Strief and Malcolm Jenkins are set to become free agents on March 11.

The unofficial start of free agency is tomorrow, where teams can negotiate contracts with their soon to be free agents. This period lasts three days. Free agency will officialy start March 11 at 4:00 pm eastern time.

Will the saints cut anyone else, will they attempt to negotiate contracts with potential free agents? Stay tuned who dat nation, it will be an interesting next few days,


Let the New Orleans Saints salary cap cutting begin


Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints


Last week i said some players will have to be cut soon in order to get under the cap limit, because the Saints were way over the cap limit. 12-15 million. This week the New Orleans Saints start trimming salary cap in a push to sign Jimmy Graham and other potential free agents. Some of the notable guys who got cut are as follows: cornerback Jabari Greer, Outside Linebacker Will Smith, safety Roman Harper, and middle linebacker Johnathan Vilma, all of whom were with the Saints during the 2009-2010 Super Bowl winning team.

I expected that these were the players that were going to get cut.

They are aging and all have had major injury concerns throughout their career. These decisions are tough, but it was needed to get the Saints under cap. I think their under the cap limit as of now, but more cap space is needed to sign or franchise tag free-agent Jimmy Graham.

Those players were receiving major money this season Will Smith $11.55 million, Roman Harper  $3.15 million, and Jabari Greer $4.55 million.  Unfortunately, the Saints will have a$ 6.5 million cap penalty, due to the signing bonuses. When a player gets cut before his contract is up, the player is still owed his signing bonus.

It will be interesting who General Manager Mickey Loomis will cut next.

In my opinion, Drew Brees needs to restructure his deal which is worth $100 million. This year he is set to make about $18 million with a cap hit of $18.4 million. Cap hit is how much of the cap room a player takes up. His contract in it’s peak stages which means the cap hit will go up next year. So if the Saints don’t restructure his contract then the Saints will run into more problems along the road.